The Dutch Acrobatics Convention is well-known for its large variety of workshops on offer. In addition to partner-acrobatics there are usually also workshops that have a link with acrobatics.

As in previous conventions we strive for to offer 10 rounds of workshops with about 20 workshops per round. The workshops each have a duration of 90 minutes.

Attending a workshop is entirely at your own insight and risk; therefore it is important that the participants follow the given instructions of the workshop teacher and that they treat the teacher with respect.


If you want to give a workshop, you can

tell us on the registration page!



Attending a workshop and the required skill (as a guideline to choose a workshop)

When attending a workshop, it is important that the skills (tricks) you are going to learn in that workshop match your personal abilities; so check the prerequisites (required skills) in the description of the workshop of your choosing. You have to display the required skill (without the help of spotters) at the beginning of the workshop. If you master the required skill you are ready for that particular workshop.


Giving a workshop

Should you wish to give one or more workshops you can let us know on your registration page. Please note that you have to teach in English! To make sure participants learn in a safe manner, we ask you to choose a title and a short description, as well as the two tricks that are required for participation.



While preparing a workshop, please make sure you think about spotters, what they should do and where they should be located. Take the time to explain these things thoroughly. Have fun and keep your participants safe!


Register for giving a workshop

Please state your name, a workshops title and a description of the required skills. Send a photo of yourself, to make sure participants can recognize you. We will add pictures of the required skill to the workshop schedule. 


Compensation for you workshop

For teachers there is a compensation of €25,- per workshop with one teacher and €40,- with two or more teachers. This compensation will be paid at the end of the day of your workshop (report at the desk).


Further questions

Should you have any questions, please send us an email. Have you already registered for the convention but forgotten to sign up for a workshop? No problem!