The Acrobatics Festival is organized by Stichting NAF and Stichting hoogwerk.

Stichting NAF (kvk: 41210481) is the umbrella organization that works for partner acrobatics. It also supports acrobatic initiatives, maintains close contact with all acrobats in the Netherlands, and is also an information point for all acrobatic issues in the Netherlands, such as courses, courses, festivals and performances. For more information, see the website:

Stiching Hoogwerk (kvk: 41003301) is a collaboration of acrobats from Nijmegen to support and grow the acrobatics community in Nijmegen.

Data on this site consist of subscriber data of participants and registration details of workshop suppliers.

The registration details of a participant are asked for a reason. The table below gives an overview of these data and why they are collected.

Data of the registered / participant

Reason for assignment

Name, City, Country

Information needed to match someone with a registration, as well as having an overview of people present

E-mail address

This is also used as a communication tool with the participant. If the participant is interested in registration event (notifications) of the next festival.

telephone number

This optional information is used to approach persons in the event of issues with the registration and / or calamities

Number of children + names

This data is necessary for the same reasons as name, place and country, plus the price depends on this

Number of children participating in the children’s program

Determine an indication of the size of the children's program.

Days of presence

This data is necessary to determine the presence and price of the participant

Wish to be a workshop holder or to stand on the open podium.

To be able to prepare a division of these tasks about the festival.

Specifically with these tasks

the participant is contacted by email to coordinate this.

Festival duties, help with children’s program

To be able to prepare a layout

Diet wish

 This information is communicated with the caterer, to determine what the possibilities are for meeting this. This is communicated back to the participant.

internal communication

An internal comment that comes from the registration process. These are usually matters that are further processed during registration at the festival.

Sent e-mails

This is the number of emails that have been sent automatically. This is an indication that something is technically not going well.

Present at the festival Y/N

An indication that the participant has reported at the desk at the festival.

Moment of presence at the festival

To be checked at double registrations at the counter

Desired email for future registration notifications

This is the choice of the participant whether he wishes to be informed via a bulk email, if at a next festival email notifications are sent out in bulk.
The participant can easily undo this with a next email message. If this wish is missing, the e-mail address will also be used and shared with MailChimp.

Registration language

The language, Dutch or English, in which registration takes place. This is used to send personal registration emails of this festival in the desired language. This is determined by the site language selection of the initial registration.

Mollie ID ID for a reference to the payment data of the Online Payment Provider 'Mollie'. doesn't have any bankaccount information. 

The parties that receive or process the registration data are:

  • NAF Foundation
  • Hoogwerk Foundation

Email addresses are limited in bulk offered to these parties.

Email addresses for people who are interested in future registration notifications are managed at These are stored for four years, but the addressee can unsubscribe from this list at any time by indicating this via a link in the last sent mail.

We uses the online payment provider Mollie. They will have information about the bankaccount of the participant. This information isn't shared with

The registration database, website, and mail server is hosted by This party hosts its servers both in Europe and in the United States.

The registration data are stored for a period of three years to serve as input for future selection criteria if the number of registrations exceeds the possible festival places. The registered can view his / her data via, as well as indicate that his / her personal data must be changed if these are incorrect. The registered can also indicate via that his / her data must be deleted on the wish of the registered person.

The website can make advantage of the use of a "webid" cookie. If you agree to use cookies, the reference to your personal information is saved on your computer or device. In that case you don't need to use you link (in your e-mail) to your registration page.

The website doesn't use cookie trackers at all. No cookies are shared with other parties.