Convention early bird price:

  Adult 12 until 17 years 6 until 11 years 0 till 5 years
Whole weekend (Fri/Sat until Mon) € 120 € 90 € 60 € 30
Friday or Saturday until Sunday € 104 € 78 € 52 € 26
Only Saturday or Sunday € 64 € 48 € 32 € 16
Only Monday € 25 € 18,75 € 12,50 € 6,25
For this you will get:
- 10 rounds of workshops;
- Campsite (bring your own camping gear);
- Open stage and shows;
- A great party;
- 3 meals a day. Including coffee, tea and lemonade;
- Lots of good memories!
If you do not want to participate in the workshops we still have to charge you the full amount since we cannot check who is joining the workshops and who isn't. 

Would you like to give a workshop?
In the registration form you can fill in that you want to offer a workshop. For this, a financial compensation will be given. We like to have lots of workshops in our program, so do not hesitate to offer a workshop. We also welcome workshops in disciplines other than partner-acrobatics.
We also look for people to help with the childrens program.

Volunteer tasks:
The organization of the convention depends on the collaboration of all participants. In this way we can keep the convention affordable. Therefore we ask everybody to do a small task (like helping to wash the dishes).