Food & Drinks


 Collective of Rampenplan Rampenplan will be cooking our delicious vegetarian (often vegan) meals, from organic and locally sourced vegetables. Please only use one plate for your meal, as we are charged by the plate. If you want a second serving use the same plate and wait until everyone has had their first serve.

If you have given us your details on food allergies or dietary restrictions, please contact someone from Rampenplan at meal time and they’ll show you what you can eat.

About us: RampenplanAll our chefs work voluntarily to support the cooking for other people and for campaigns. We have been cooking for the acrobats at this festival for over 25 years. The festival gives us a financial base to cook for social projects.

Like you, we are only human, perhaps a little less nimble but just as hard at work. Come to us if you have questions or if there is anything you need. When you see that we need help, please lend us a hand.

Thank you and enjoy your meal! 

Coffee, tea and lemonadeThroughout the day there will be coffee, tea and lemonade available. 

All the water from the tap is drinkable, please refill your own drink bottle to reduce plastic waste.  

Volunteer tasks serving and cleaning up As usual, every year we need volunteers to help us with serving the food and cleaning up afterwards. For more info, click here.