Welcome to the registration page of the Dutch Acrobatics Festival 2022 taking place in Arnhem.


Each adult has to register individually and with their own name. Children and youths less than 18 years old must be registered together with an adult participant.

At the registration you will get a personal code that is to check-in with, and the registration only is definitive when the ticket has been payed.

Tickets can not be transferred.

After the initial registration and also after payment it may take up to 4 days for a confirmation email to arrive. These emails are important as a proof of registration and payment, so check your email well, also the spamfolder.


Participants can cancel their ticket up until 2 weeks before the start of the festival, in which case we will restitute the ticket, but withhold a €15 administration fee.

It is extremely unlikely, but still remotely possible that a short time before the start of the festival there will be a governmental decree that forces us to cancel the whole event.

If this happens more than 2 weeks before the start we will restitute all tickets completely.

If this however happens less than 2 weeks before the start, we will have already made some significant costs (such as buying all the meals), due to which we will then be forced to withhold up to 20% with a maximum of €30 off of the restitutions. We only do this to prevent the organising foundation from bankruptcy, as that would herald the end of the Dutch Acrobatics Festival.

Other costs made by participants (such as traveling costs) will not be reimbursed by the organising entity.

Minimum wage:

Do you have a low/minimal income? You can contact the organising committee, there are options to participate at a reduced rate.

The same ticket price for active and passive participants:

Also if you do not participate to workshops the price of a ticket is still the same. All participants are still using the location, eat and hopefully you will also see the shows and enjoy the party! We appreciate everybody’s understanding on this subject.

Giving workshops:

In the registration form it is possible to indicate if you want to give a (or multiple) workshops. A modest reimbursement will be given for this. We appreciate many and various workshops of all levels in the programme, so please do not hesitate to offer a workshop. Also workshops in disciplines different then partner acrobatics are welcome, and we are also looking for participants that want to assist in the children programme!

For more information, look at Workshops.


With the slogan ‘for acrobats, by acrobats’ the Dutch Acrobatics Festival asks a small amount of effort of all participants, in the shape of small tasks that we rather not delegate to a commercial third party, this in order to keep the festival cheap and cosy. The organising committee is putting in their time and effort voluntarily, and without the help of all participants we can not keep the festival running. At arrival you will be able to indicate what task(s) you would prefer to do. 

If you give a workshop or play in one of the shows, that counts as your tasks.

Tasks can not be bought out.


 The online ticket sale is closed